Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Benefit for Heavy; Acts TBA; Thursday, July 25th;Union; Atlanta, GA

We really hope this event turns out well for the family of Andrew Collins.  
Having lost some close friends over the years, our crew feels deep empathy and compassion for our friends in Atl.
  If you are able, attend the event or send a donation.  Every little bit will help this family in their time of need.

Click the image to visit the Facebook event page!

"This will be an event to help support Shelby and the family of Heavy (Andrew Collins). We will be celebrating his life and honoring his influence on our lives and out city. Please come out and support and make a donation to help his loved ones carry out the responsibilities that must be taken care of. The Union and Scott Freeze have donated their time and their space this Thursday out of the kindness of their hearts and we can only hope that you will do the same. We are currently accepting volunteers to perform and donate goods and services all to go to the cause. Please come out and show support in person or send a donation through a friend if you can not attend. All support is greatly appreciated in this time of need." -from the Facebook event page

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