Photos & Media History

These are the promotional fliers from our produced and co-produced events, plus pictures of great times and people we work with!

This section has the PRE-Buglove pics! lol

We really DO, yeah! ;)
You gotta LOVE YOURSELF, before you can ever hope to love anybody else!
Work out; jam HARD! Wear a BEANIE! xD
These are our "fairy godparents' of the scene/industry, THE HARMONY NETWERK. They have been in the forefront since our scene's beginning and are still always around to help out whenever you'd find yourself in a production cluster-jam!
LIVE DJ Webcasts, Wed.s, 9pm-2:30amC [Click icon to visit and tune in]
Oi, oi OI; work hard, play hard! Throw them 'BOWS!
Let your "kid" out to play!This is a mixtape version of EARGASM Hip-Hop Revue, with host/creator, DJ SUPREME, of SOUL CHILD MUSIC, a live weekly series that ran from c1998-2002. [recorded by D@,, R.I.P., Dec. 2012] 

Here's where it starts to get REALLY interesting! ;)
Buglove, est. 2005; logo, 2010

Samples I, 2010
Exec./co-producer SUNSHIE, DJ STATISTIK THE DEVIL and promoter/event producer KATIE BUG, 20100

MR. INVISIBLE graced the stage at SAMPLES I, in 2010.  Since then, they have continued to wow the Southeast with hard hitting beats and delicious lyricism!
Samples II, 2011
Exec. producers/promoters SUNSHINE and WENDY BEABOUT, 2011

Here's an awesome Alabama Hip-Hop ANTHEM from our dearly departed friend DUB HEL!X [aka DJ CHR!S ARTIFICIAL]!
Promoter/event producer KATIE BUG searches for supplies, 2011
Army of Darkness [AoD], 2012 [front of flier]
Army of Darkness [AoD], 2012 [back of flier]
Co-creator, OPX. MJ DARL!NG with mascot, MS. BAPU THE SPACECAT at STARSH!P/MR1, 2012

OPX. SONIC WARFARE practices at STARSH!P/MR1, 2012
Promoter/event producer KATIE BUG preps fliers at STARSH!P./MR1, 2012

This is the "pilot" episode to the fantastic new webshow that we're a part of now, STARSH!P: C.A.M.S., featuring media from our underground first, then from beyond!
Y'all holla at us!
Buglove, est. 2005; logo, 2013

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