Friday, June 21, 2013

SAMPLES- Cancer B'day Bash;ArtFelt Appeal/Clay Hood/Domenian/Illephant/Munook/More; Sat., July 6th; The High Note; Birmingham, AL

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SAMPLES returns with an all new line up!!!

As always, we feature the hottest local talents in visual arts, accompanied by cutting edge music performances, featuring the newest in sound and technology

 Katie's Birthday Celebration, too! That means all of you sezzy CRABS (Born between 6/21 and 7/22) get in for JUST $1 !!

The theme is "Merge," so you will see art that combines different media and style as well as influence.

Featured Artists:

Art-Felt Appeal -->

Clay Hood ---

Keeping with the theme, our music line-up will feature some of the most talented local and regional acts , but in a whole new way. We have asked each performer to create something completely new and different for this event. They are challenged to Merge instruments with turntables, digital with analog, video with audio, live with pre-recorded, and anything else they can think of! 

Merge Masters:

Domenian- down tempo and minimal dub for proper art perusing

Illephant- the brain child of members of Kepler's Space, featuring live and recorded elements from EDM and Rock 

Munook- Live and electronic music with a smooth aftertaste 

Special Guest:  INKLINE - This is a real treat for those old heads that loved the High Note during the Eargasm days! You will definitely remember his beats and rhymes!

O.V.E.R.D.O.S.E will be in the house with moves that will make you wanna groove!

ILLUMNY DANCE CREW will also be joining us with a little mo flava bc...why not? 

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  1. This one of Art-felt Appeal team members. We are currently rebranding art-felt Appeal to be more of a collaborative lifestyle blog instead of a clothing company and we would like to request that our two images be deleted from the page.

    We appreciate the promotion from you all and look forward to working with you in the near future! Thank you :)