Friday, May 24, 2013

BadAzz Chix Open Recruiting; Friday, May 31st; Mulligan's @ 7:30p.m.

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That's right.
It's not a pageant.
We need to rebuild our local crew. We only take the best, so show us what you got!!!
We're going to assemble the hottest women we know, both unpierced and pierced, untattooed and tattooed, to find the hottest new girls of the BadAzz Chix!!!
The winner? O, she gets all kinds of sweet goodies, cash, and prizes.
1st prize: $300 cash, a photo-shoot, and the chance to go to NOPI to represent BadAzz Chix at our booth!
2nd prize: $200 cash, a photo-shoot, and TONS of paid promo work!
3rd prize: $100 cash and a photo-shoot!
And we WILL be selecting our hostesses for the long-awaited, highly anticipated BadAzz Chix TV video series!!!!
The judges? O, there won't be any!!!
We're leaving it up to you, the BadAzz Chix fans!!!
So, come support, cheer on your favorite girl, and as always, have a great time!
Let's kick some ass!!!
Hosted by Robbie Raggs of!!!
Do you have what it take to be a Bad AZZZZZ?? See you at recruiting!

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