Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TUNE IN Weds, ALABAMA - Harmonynet LIVE DJ Sets; 9pm-2:30amC

Click the picture/logo above to visit The Harmony Netwerk.
THE HARMONY NETWERK has been doing big things for the Southeast American underground since at least the 1970s. Since then, they've charted countless DJs and EDM acts as they rise to professional heights and continue to be an invaluable help to fledgling groups, crews and companies by being sort of our "fairy godparents" of the scene/industry and helping out whenever we all needed a clue on how to execute our technical projects and event productions.

Join us and tune into their LIVE WEBCASTS on WEDNESDAYS at 9pm-2:30 am Central, where they feature your favorite electronic music genres, spun by our own hottest regional DJs. Just CLICK THE PICTURE//LOGO ABOVE to visit their website, to tune in AND to watch past episodes!

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