Red Team Promotions [FAQ; Duties/Benefits]

FAQ; WHAT WOULD I BE DOING AS A PROMOTER/PRODUCTION ASSISTANT? - As a promoter/production assistant, we'd train you in basic, but professionally useful and valuable Public Relations, Light Clerical, S.E.O. skills as you...
1. to promote our [ANOM!LE/Buglove/STARSH!P] events using all media, including as little as scrolling/patrolling the FB's and other social networks' and online events calendars to collect, send and even post as an ADMIN various types of events that ANOM!LE/Buglove WOULD [we brake for local/regional artists/musicians/ new innovative bands and promotion of corresponding partnered events].

2. ..allow us MINIMAL usage of your social network profile via associative "tags" to different ANOM!LE/Buglove/STARSH!P events. This allows us to "promote in our sleep" and to let your people know what this team is doing as well [we as promoters tag ourselves to events to invite OUR individual teams' people to support something that WE did as well].
The aim is to GET PEOPLE INVOLVED online and to even get them willing to COME OUT for our events and if you don't SHOW them, then you're not really promoting now are you? This tagging technique allows you to do TWICE the job and have to work only HALF as hard [an S.E.O technique].
3. willing to go in small teams on live promotion meets or "go-see"s to venues and business in strategic areas to pass out/distribute fliers according to demographics, meet with/talk to potential partners [venue/store reps, managers and/or owners] about their participation in ANOM!LE/Buglove services, presentations and bazaars. 

4. ..attend/help produce/host the events with a group of your OWN friends [promotional access includes "self" + 1guest + 6 PRE-REGISTERED guests @1/2 price]. There, you will strategically help drive/magnetize the event by consorting with guests and introducing people, making sure that they have a wonderful time. 
5. willing to help with seasonal auxiliary drives [charities, toy drives, carwashes all-ages events/activities and other fund-raisers, etc.] as a ANOM!LE/Buglove/STARSH!P rep/ambassador. Get your "giving back to the community" service on with us at specified times of the year.

NOTE: Here is your opportunity to use US for YOURSELF-
..for helping us in the next season [3 months], you'll end up trained and with enough connections/clout to produce your own event[s] with our help. 
 Got a birthday party you wanna plan? Bachelor/bachelorette party? Got an idea for your OWN event series? ..or clients that want to have their own bash but don't know where to begin? You'd be closer to the solution than ever.
What you learn here with US will help you increase your earning potential in the regular workplace as well. Organization, Public relations, problem-solving and business management skills are invaluable to employers and here, we will train you in clerical, audio, video and even advanced cloud computing/S.E.O. [Search Engine Optimization] along with issues of your own biz card, credentials, professional resume/presskit/portfolio, clients/commissions base, website, etc..

So its basically a co-op internship with a creative production company, with potential for stipend [stipend intended but admittedly not assured YET]. Training, room for management, growth and entrepreneurial support/mentorship if/when you start your OWN business. JOIN US, THURSDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 7th at ROUND TABLE in B'HAM, AL [click to see event details] to further discuss all the awesome possibilities in fuller detail!

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